Interview with Norbert Engel (part 3)

And here in color, you move to the monochrome … Is this a new step?

Ah, the monochrome? A step? I would not say that like that. I would say a temptation? deadlock? a challenge? a dream? an immense desire? This gives me the opportunity to answer “for whom to paint? ” If I were alone in the world, I mean without “other”, I would paint only monochromes. The monochrome is this ocean of blue, or turquoise or red or white regardless of the color because I love them all. monochrome is the infinite within the reach of the human. it’s unity it’s a perfection. the temptation to paint only monochromes is strong, but I’m afraid of the look of the other who thinks it’s “foutage mouth” But who do I paint for?

– for me, to experience a rheological and visual enjoyment to spread a color evenly over an enormous white canvas?

– for the other who judges me and who goes or not, buy the work and thus, give me the gratification that I wait?

– for both my general? a dead end because actually, what to paint after the monochrome?

I have experienced it: after painting my last monochrome of 1.80 by 1.80 which was not really a true monochrome, rather a shades of beige, this was what I call “an interruption momentary of the program. “Bridled that I was not personal beliefs. resumption of work in 2015: crossing the monochrome. I covered this same golden yellow canvas and painted on it the biblical theme of the Ark of the Covenant. followed by a series of monochrome canvases on which a personal writing sought form. “A diffused light demands its form to nothingness” Taoist philosophy “Men seek light in a fragile garden where colors abound” Jean Tardieu

a challenge. Considering monochrome as the most radical elimination of the subject, I like this reflection of Motherwell: “there is in every work a double aspect: a formal or structural side and a literary side or related to the subject. It is by suppressing the second that we are most likely to see the first, by bringing to light an abstract, universal language. ” an immense desire. Mid 2019 I buy 7 large canvas frames of the most beautiful linen. I paint them each in the 7 colors of the rainbow. I spend several weeks to let myself bathe by their respective light. The temptation is strong again to expose them as they are. the same question comes back “Why paint? But this time not “why paint rather than not paint”, no, I have already answered this question to know “because I am a painter and that art is a process that has existed since the dawn of time and so I participate in this process and this process because I am a painter ” but “why paint monochromes” and the answer is: “I do not know” “I am, I paint and basta! ” As a result of the races, I covered 6 of these magnificent monochromes with spots that had fallen from the sky, and that makes beautiful paintings. I’m going to see what I’ll do in the seventh, and I think maybe one day when I’ve been anointed by the public, I’ll only paint monochrome. 🙂