Colour is a silence

la couleur est un silence

Watching is an art.

Look without thinking, in total mental immobility, you reach a deep silence.

“To be attentive to one’s thought, without the reaction of thought intervening, is the art of observing, of giving absolute attention: there is no center that listens …

Here is the silence that I have sought everywhere, in the books, with the masters and in myself.

I found many things, but never.

This silence occurred without searching for it.

Have I lost my life for unimportant things?

You have no idea of ​​what I imposed on myself: fasts, privations, the practice of virtue.

I understood the inanity a long time ago, but I have never been in the presence of such silence.

What must I do to keep myself in him, let him live my heart? … the will is inoperative in this area …

At this moment I am fully conscious of this sacred silence; through him I see the stars, the trees, the river.

The observer is the observed.

I finally understand what that means. the bliss that I seek is by no means the quest. ”


The art of doubt

l'art du doute
One day with sad thoughts:
  • what is the good of all this?
  • Am I really a painter?
  • why am I painting?
  • why am I painting?
  • who do I paint for?
I told myself that the best way to stop these dark thoughts was perhaps to paint them.
Observe the colors and their effects.
Take out a large frame stretched from a white canvas that smelled of linseed oil.
Feel from this moment the slowing down of the flow of time.
Let yourself be seduced by the mysterious charm of the whiteness of the canvas, its lasciviousness, its contagious calm but perhaps foreshadowing future melee in our playground.
To leave an emotion coming from far away; as a call from an invisible inviting Lorelei, to get naked by freeing ourselves from everything we are, from everything we know, to jump into the water and swim towards it.
To free oneself from the known to go towards the unknown.
To let a new swimming come with new gestures generating new forms.
Let cries of joy escape seeing things happen on their own.
Everything is only to discover and contemplate, there is nothing else to do.
The inner journey of that day made me a little tired but it made me happy by making me rediscover that all that was good, that to paint gave rise to a liberation of time and allowed to reach this state of grace which s’ call joyful thought.

I’m painting so I’m

je peins donc je suis
To paint is to give birth to something that comes I do not know where to go, I do not know where. It is a deep desire to express. From a point on a blank page to go to more or less complex shapes with this medium with unsuspected effects that is the color.

To paint is to travel, to meet people who love or who hate, but who I hope are never indifferent. To paint is to transmit something essential that one does not know a priori but that one recognizes when one has found it.

To paint is to share emotions

That’s all I want to do with you that I know, or do not know yet. I need to meet you, that’s why I’m painting.