Creation during containment


Creation during containment.

Lion of everything, close to the essential.

Meditate. Balance of green tea.

Run on the spot on the living room carpet.

Sunbathing on the balcony.

Get lost by tasting an opulent red wine.

Spaghetti bolognese.

Digital creations on my iPad.

Hot bath in the bathtub.


Chess games, small miniature lives: birth, struggle to survive, death or victory.

Let two or three squares of dark chocolate melt in the mouth.

Take photos with my iPhone.

Lying on the carpet, listen to the music of Max Richter.

Iodized explosion in the mouth of my favorite whiskey.


Make photos-compositions on my iPad.

Music on Spotify.

Pencil on a cardboard.

Inhale deeply, breathe out fully for five minutes.

Far from my workshop, invent with the means at hand, Some tubes of gouache, some residue of acrylic paint.

Do what I prefer: stains.

A series of creations called Etants.

Attached “Being F”.

F like ….

Everyone will put the word that seems right.

Confinement, a life conducive to creative outpouring.