Colour is a silence

Watching is an art.

Look without thinking, in total mental immobility, you reach a deep silence.

“To be attentive to one’s thought, without the reaction of thought intervening, is the art of observing, of giving absolute attention: there is no center that listens …

Here is the silence that I have sought everywhere, in the books, with the masters and in myself.

I found many things, but never.

This silence occurred without searching for it.

Have I lost my life for unimportant things?

You have no idea of ​​what I imposed on myself: fasts, privations, the practice of virtue.

I understood the inanity a long time ago, but I have never been in the presence of such silence.

What must I do to keep myself in him, let him live my heart? … the will is inoperative in this area …

At this moment I am fully conscious of this sacred silence; through him I see the stars, the trees, the river.

The observer is the observed.

I finally understand what that means. the bliss that I seek is by no means the quest. ”